Tuesday, March 6, 2018

WHY #BarackObama MUST HANG! BLUEPRINT/GAME PLAN of First Muslim, Terrorist POTUS

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#QAnon DECODE: #OBAMA=installed rouge ops across all agencies; leaked classified info about military assets; cut military funding; took power away from Generals; used VJ to sniff out "Good Guys" and have them removed; Sold SAP access; opened border (flood w illegals for D win); fund/install ISIS/MS13; target conservatives w IRS/MSM. Blind eye=let Iran/NK become nukes/U1=giving them OUR Uranium=to be used against USA and reducing our supply to weaken US, on purpose; had Scalia killed; kill NASA to allow others to be able to attack our military and communication satellites and install THEIR WMD in space.

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The Q BOOM on steel post= announces steel imports=national security issue=causes world backlash, including fake GOP members. Q goes to work=drops  US steel fraud story, today!  deal/ AUTHORIZED! Nooses, please!
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=RELEASED=Kobe Steel admits steel fraud went on past 50 yrs. SIGNIFICANCE=Weak military/satellite products & weak BULIDiNGS. Like NY Twin Towers. Weak steel collapsed with mere jet fuel=real steel would have withstood. Obama AUTHORIZED McCain shady steel deal! NOOSES READY!
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Earlier today, 's Q posted, "Eyes in the SKY, Later today, a Russian plane carrying important Russian people crashed upon landing in Syria. Wasn't actually IN SKY; but close enough for me=was right. SOMEONE=not happy about NK/SK/USA denuke peace deal=/!
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 lawsuit filed vs  for violations against FED GOVT=direct response to  who alerted criminals of ICE crime bust. BIG no-no. DeLeon says, "Bring it on," like gang member vs USA. Hurts ALL in  including his illegal immigrant voting base.
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Hey,  , Since Q says, "G/F/T/YT (social media) are regulated (won't let  be seen across censored platforms) & is controlled (won't air); will   have it posted on .gov site as part of case to be filed? HOW ELSE?
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, stop RT that DUDE =SHILL! Not to be trusted=KNOWN! Says some good stuff to draw you in; but puts out shill info. I had to unfollow you, sadly=don't wanna see TB bullshit in my stream.
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Replying to @CMalcheski
Stop calling Tracy, her/she. It's a guy W bad NY/NJ/LI accent using voice aletering software. And is a shill. Beware beanz =100%.
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A: . Because he was Saudi terrorist backed to be Trojan Horse terrorist to stab America in heart and take it down. He will hang for what he did. 
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Yes, sadly sick / besmirch the legit religious institutions, which gave them even more pleasure. Folks will despise them MORE, though for using fake church to abuse/kill kids.
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# @ZumDogg  DECODE: Obama/Clinton minions created Fake Church groups to traffic in both Children & smuggled Islamists thru S. America. they must have gotten sick pleasure in smearing what we hold in high regard... Church.  =hot air. Follow 
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Replying to @LanieLou5 @zumkadog
Wow! You sure did get a lot of added details from my tweet. I learned a lot. Use me any time as white hat puppet. ;)
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 has pointed out an outrage... Obama/Clinton minions created Fake Church groups to traffic in both Children & smuggled Islamists thru S. America. they must have gotten sick pleasure in smearing what we hold in high regard... Church. 
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Terri in Texas3h
RED CROSS CORRUPTION Where did $500mm go?    In Search Of The Red Cross' $500 Million In Haiti Relief 
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Dear  , Can I be the one who pushes Mr. We Don't Say His Name,   down noose shoot? Just one swift kick is all I aks. You can watch, right over my shoulder. If I were  and YOU wanted to push McCain with noose around neck, I'd let YOU!
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Replying to @starknightz @POTUS
It's not, "what if," 1st Muslim, Anti-USA, Terrorist POTUS KNEW about shady steel deal; we KNOW he knew and authorized it. McCain did deal= authorized it. 9/11 Towers=made with cheap steel that melted with gas fuel=real steel would withstand.
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 represents  and is gonna make it bad for EVERYONE living in ; including Mexicans. Is THIS how an elected official speaks to US WhiteHouse? “I say, bring it on." A: Yes, if you are  anti America! TRIGGERING THE MEXiCAN CARTEL Mr. GAYleon?
Zuma Dogg2h
  DECODE: Who are we taught to trust=church. How Haiti kids were trafficked out=church. Haiti's prime minister says it's clear=10 U.S. Baptists who tried to take 33 children out of Haiti, "knew what they were doing was wrong."=WE HELP KIDS!
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  DECODE EXCLUSIVE: Social media (G/YT/T/F) & MSM will bury/hide . Can't play on TV (pedo porn W Grandma HRC) so HOW does it get out? Will be posted on WhiteHouse. gov site as evidence. All can see.
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Now that ES (Schmidt) stepped down at Google. It's twitter CEO Jack's turn. THEN, Zuckerb will be unzipped and exposed as gay porn lover. His face exposes him if you ask me.
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  desperate now that they lost pawn  & KImJ to Trump. Can't use NK as threat/fear/false flags. So, 39 die in Russian plane crash 8n Syria as FF to thwart NK/SK/USA effort.
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 confirms=They (White Hat Military) have .
Zuma Dogg3h
Sounds cozy: HRC & HA in bed W minor on Epstein Island on vid. Additional to vid set to drop. Many videos!
Zuma Dogg3h
Does it get any shadier? Russian military plane with 32 on board crashes up landing in Syria=all RIP. Wonder how many witnesses killed. 
Zuma Dogg4h
  DECODE EXCLUSIVE: =around NKorea/SKorea: With KimJ new deal w SK/USA watch for rouge sub activity. (FFlag in deal foil attempt?) Corsi doesn't reveal squat. Follow.
Zuma Dogg4h
 Cracks : Weiner computer has enough to put away for life.  had  on on laptop. The  w torture of child. HRC told it was deleted/no worries. HA didn't expect  to seize the insurance. (Corsi=hot air.) 
Zuma Dogg4h
 DECODE EXCLUSIVE:  controls Pope/Church=if taking down deep state must take down shady Vatican=will be revealed Vatican helped Nazis hide/flee via Church program.
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 DECODE EXCLUSIVE: "Keep the starved. Keep them blind. Keep them stupid." -  on March 13, 2013 in QAnon intercept. They got it on tape. Will drop! (Did Corsi tell ya that, yet?)
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 DECODE:  's tweet w inclusion of  article, ": America Is About To Become World's Biggest Oil Producer," w, "We're getting it done - jobs and security" comment= oil export capacity=NIXED=no more independence to terrorist of USA.
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Zuma Dogg5h
 DECODE: 11.11.18 GLORIOUS MILITARY PARADE=1) Pass and review of  PRISONERS; 2) Homecoming of MIA/POWs; 3) Ceremony honoring ; 4) Prayer of Thanksgiving to God (not Allah); 5)  (not ). (Corsi=in dark)
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Q linked to this, today, re:  emails.  
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Q linked to this, today: Kobe Steel admits data fraud went on nearly five decades, CEO to quit | Article [AMP] | Reuters
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TONS of NEW  POSTS (03.06.18)=throwin' more easy to understand info out, today! 1st POINT=With  to drop (showing child torturing w Huma)= puts out story how digital tech can STEAL one's identity=make ANY KIND OF FAKE VIDEO. Q says=WON'T WORK [HRC/DEEP STATE/DEMS].
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The  STORM WILL be STREAMED! : Research/Resources to help you  . See video channels:   = took KimJ/NK away from !!! !

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