Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BARACK OBAMA ARRESTED AND IN PRISION: First Muslim Terrorist POTUS Taken Off Streets, FOREVER! Awaits Military Tribunal, Then Hanging!

OOPS...kinda like the obituary of celebrities already prepared; this blog post jumped the gun, when accidentally published; but, may as well keep it up, now. Can't be much longer...MY BAD! (But, not as bad as BO!)


BARACK OBAMA ARRESTED AND IN PRISION: First Muslim Terrorist POTUS Taken Off Streets, FOREVER! Awaits Military Tribunal; Then Hanging! 

Mr. Smooth Guy ain't talkin' his ass outta the noose. 

Obama can shove his textbooks up his terrorist ass.   Ain't gonna tell him how to get the noose off his neck. Adios, Pedo Fag!

AND GET THAT SMILE OFF YO FACE, BITCH! Your kids ain't gonna have a pedo-fag, anymore; and Michelle is gonna have to find a new bitch to beat up. Didn't fool me or Sean Hannity for a minute, nigga!

#QAnon #GreatAwakening Post by @ZumaDogg = #MAGA #RedPill Talking Points For Normie Sheeple

VIDEO: ULTIMATE #GreatAwakening #RedPill For The Sheeple! @ZumaDogg Delivers #DeepState Alert at #VeniceBeach! (AND PLAYLIST OF VIDEOS) 

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03.09.18: HUGE! QAnon drops #Obama/#Holder's #FastAndFurious OPERATION MANUAL!!! THIS is THE MEMO that will certainly be part of #MiltiaryTribunals for these ANTI-AMERICAN, TREASON, BIG MOUTHS! (See ya at the Gallow's Pole!) READ: "OBAMA THE  MUSLIM TERRORIST'S" "FAST & FURIOUS" MANUAL HERE.

OBAMA'S BLUEPRINT/WHAT TO EXPECT IN HIS MILITARY TRIBUNAL: #QAnon DECODE: #OBAMA=installed rouge ops across all agencies; leaked classified info about military assets; cut military funding; took power away from Generals; used VJ to sniff out "Good Guys" and have them removed; Sold SAP access; opened border (flood w illegals for D win); fund/install ISIS/MS13; target conservatives w IRS/MSM. Blind eye=let Iran/NK become nukes/U1=giving them OUR Uranium=to be used against USA and reducing our supply to weaken US, on purpose; had Scalia killed; kill NASA to allow others to be able to attack our military and communication satellites and install THEIR WMD in space.

QUOTES ABOUT MR. DOGG (diverse legacy): 

"I've seen the future of television comedy. Zuma Dogg is the only American comedian today wearing the comedy-genius mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce, Allen Funt and Andy Kaufman." - Michael Heaton/Syndicated Columnist

* "Zuma Dogg was beating me, hard. He was beating City Council, hard." - Antonio Villaraigosa/Former L.A. Mayor/2018 CA Governor Candidate

* "Brain-seizing artistry. An L.A. cable TV superstar." - LA Weekly

* "The world needs to hear Zuma Dogg sing AC/DC, 'Hell's Bells'." - Rob & Dean DeLeo/STP!

* "The one and only, Zuma Dogg." - Kerry Cavanaugh/LA Times

* "I too, as you may know, am a Deming fan. I think your synthesis of his work is fabulous." - Anthony Robbins

* "You took our concepts and extended them in way that I found very interesting." - Al Ries (Author, "Marketing Warfare"/"Focus"/"Positioning"/"22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

(l) Garcetti - (r) Dogg 
* "Zuma Dogg is a crusader fighting for free-speech rights. He's been able to do it with both humor and substance." - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti/Los Angeles Times 

* "Your, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points, " is well done. I appreciate it much." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming on "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points," by Zuma Dogg. (Published internationally in "Quality Digest.")

* "Dave's interpretation of 'Deming's 14 Points’ offers an invaluable take on Total Quality Management. He brings skill, passion and commitment to everything he does." - Bob Pittman/CEO iHeartMedia (April 07, 2017 quote)

* "Zuma Dogg has been a community activist in Los Angeles for more than 10 years successfully taking on City Hall on numerous occasions."/City Watch LA

* "Malibu celebrity" - Malibu Times (Do you KNOW what it takes to be considered a, "celebrity," in MALIBU, by the newspaper?)

* "Zuma Dogg, who is smarter than and knows more about city government than most Council members, has become something of an urban folk hero, skewering City Hall foibles and failures in his frequent public comment appearances broadcast on Channel 35. His campaign for mayor attracted a respectable number of votes." - Ron Kaye/  

* "Venice performing legend and multimedia presence." - L.A. Councilmember (Venice district) Mike Bonin  

* "Not many people can sing like Zuma Dogg." - Tony Danza (Broadway/Vegas singing act)  

* "Local Legend and civic warrior" - Doug McIntyre/790-KABC  

* "L.A. needs Zuma Dogg." - Jennifer Horn/KRLA, CRN  

* "And, vote for Zuma Dogg." - John & Ken Show/KFI  

* "Everyone watches Zuma Dogg!" - Reggie Miller/NBA, TNT

* "It would be nice to see someone with the heroism of Zuma Dogg in office." - Kevin James/870-KRLA Radio, L.A. City Commissioner  

* "I like Zuma Dogg." - Tim Conway, Jr./KFI

* "I'd just as soon vote for Zuma Dogg, as Villariagosa." - Bill Handel/KFI (Maybe ZD should run for Governor!?)  

* "More Brilliant than Andrew Brietbart. Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, tightly controlled L.A. City Council meetings presided over by Council President Eric Garcetti, who had banned video cameras. After police tried to stop Zuma Dogg from taping the council deliberations, he railed against the big shots for months, slamming Garcetti as “Garshady” on his show and on his whistleblower blog. 'Whatever happened to free speech in this country?,' Zuma Dogg asked. He prevailed against Garcetti’s rules, and now brings his cameracorder to every council meeting, as can any member of the public thanks to him." - LA Weekly.  

* "You're actually one of my favorite people to watch on TV." - Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan to Zuma Dogg on KABC radio.  

* "An original treasure of Venice." - Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl

* " A civic treasure." - Michael Higby/Mayor Sam's Blog (L.A. politics)

* "Zuma Dogg, not only one of the most recognizable figures at City Hall, cordially greeted by passersby, including police and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also has the ear of high-level insiders, who feed him information in the hope that he’ll expose, and possibly stop, one questionable government project or another." - LA Weekly

* "Something between stunned and amazed. We''ve never seen anything like it. I like Zuma Dogg. He's a class act." - Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson

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