Sunday, April 15, 2018

What @ZumaDogg Believes Is In #HRCVideo: Bill Clinton/Lynch/HRC (via teleconference) Made Deal -- But NOT For Scalia's Seat! And, Lyin' Comey=Part of Deal! SEE VIDEO HERE

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Today's 04.02.18 Q Post: After lady (see shaking hands with Obama in the picture) asked Obama to reopen 9-11 investigation; he told Hillary (who owns the patent on Boeing non-interruptable auto pilot device in planes. It as a "back door," and Deep State can take over plane. HRC/GHBush used it to crash planes on 9-11. Since an investigation would be problems for HRC/Bush/McCain (involved); they crashed the plane with the lady/witness in it, four days later; probably flying back from meeting Obama. WOW! So. the bad event on that day, was HRC using her device to kill the lady and everyone else on the plane as collateral damage.

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