Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MEMES from #QAnon 8bitChan=WHAT TO EXPECT For The Rest Of 2018: Military Intelligence Uses MEMES like Cyber Drones to ATTACK The ENEMY online!


@ZumaDogg - World Update 03.02.18: "#QAnon Talk" re: @realDonaldTrump #GreatAwakening #MAGA: Great rant! TOTAL INSIDE UPDATE: 

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MEMES aren't just for cat lovers on facebook. They are used by certain military intelligence agencies (NSA's TEAM #QAnon) -- to counter the Deep State attack vs President Donald J. Trump & We The People; in the Great Awakening/MAGA/Drain-The-Swamp effort. 

MEMES have already been created; and predict what to expect for the rest of 2018=Getting GitMO ready for military tribunal for Obama/Hillary Clinton/Bob Mueller (according to meme)/Comey/Lynch/and the whole team. PLUS, #Big Pharam=#ReleaseTheCures (cuts legs from Deep State funders and creators of #OpiodCrisis; PedoGate takedowns; MS13 lockups (Obama created Deep State Army who are ready to pull triggers if Trump goes too far -- AND HE IS by their left-wing, anti-fa standards...and THEY GET TO DECIDE FOR YOU); and THE GREAT AWAKENING=because when this shiznit hits=sheeple/anti-fa/deep state dummies are gonna cry and riot. So, we gotta wake up/open as many eyes as possible.

MEMES are like cyber drones ready to attack the deep state target! Here's a small selection. This blog is called QAnon "TALK," and a meme says a thousand words. Bobby D, tell me it ain't so. #1 brick of illuminati/deep state pyramid is #PedoGate. (Pedos run the world -- back pedo politicians/CEOs/Clergy -- who are all easily blackmailed -- and they are all against TRUMP to keep the secret (society) from being exposed. When Q says, "Watch for resignations across all platforms (politicians/CEOS/clergy) -- THESE are the pedos, stepping down to avoid exposure/prosecution by the intelligence agency that BUSTED THEIR PEDO ASSES! 

Anyway, also on deck=Mueller/Obama/Clinton; among the entire deep state crew, who will be facing military tribunal at the end of 2018. (I KNOW you want it NOW, not end of the year...but, Great Awakening is all about gettin' ducks in a row, as future proves past, as more news comes out. A LOT is happening that is not being announced publicly, to avoid further deep state thwart attempts -- and the riots that will ensue -- by Deep State's terror army they imported into U.S. and are now throughout U.S. (Remember Obama's, "We need a private military, JUST as BIG. JUST as STRONG." While sheelple were liking kitty cat pictures on facebook -- he did it. It's called MS13, locked and loaded and ready to KILL your ass, upon cue. BUT, if you said anything...well, you know what you get called. People don't care WHAT ya call em, anymore when you say, get the fucking terrorists that Obama imported and armed, from these shithole countries, the fuck off my street! And if you see Obama, tell him to keep his Muslim ass, terrorist lips shut the fuck up. The bitch hangs in GitMO before this shit is done being exposed. #WORD!  


SHES...AND, is trying!

MORE COMING...(Sorry, Bob!) 
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  2. https://officialnmpblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/insider-info-from-our-one-source-in-the-cabinet/

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  4. Hope rise. Operation over. Stop delta. Make America Heal Again. The #Endgame has come. The Storm is almost over. The #Hole is being shut. #checkmate #wecontrolthenarrative #stopqAnon #StopProjectEndgame #StoptheStorm #StopProjectDream

  5. The #Endgame has come. The Storm is almost over. The #Hole is being shut

    hope rise. Operation over. Stop delta. Make America Heal Again #QAnon #wecontrolthenarrative #stopqAnon #ProjectEndgame #stoptheStorm #StopProjectDream #QAnonsATerrorist
    #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm

  6. The Clock has struck. The Chess pieces are ready. The Black Army is defeated by the White Army. The Narrative is on our side now. The Clock just struck midnight. #Endgame #checkmate #wecontrolthenarrative #stopqAnon #StopProjectEndgame #StoptheStorm #StopProjectDream

  7. https://officialnmpblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/insider-info-from-our-one-source-in-the-cabinet/

  8. Stop delta. Eight two five one. April 20th. Stop. Red line.

  9. stop alpha. Seventeen eleven. 911. Stop Blood red.