Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Q-Anon DECODED (02.21.18 POSTS by #QAnon/#Anonymous -- and #Q feels political correctness allowed America To Be Taken HOSTAGE by TERRORISTS (YOUR NEW NEIGHBORS!)

#QAnon DECODE by @QAnonTalk ( Masses need to be woken up to truth that brainwashed sheep are not ready to accept; to raise collective consciousness; which is a REAL FORCE in allowing #Trump's#DrainSwamp & #MAGA effort to happen/be accepted by sheep. THE PROBLEM: Due to liberal badgering of political correctness; erasing of border; reduction of military and homeland security enforcement=#MS13 (and#ISIS), but this relates to #MS13=they were allowed to enter the country; and set up shop; all across USA; and NOW=AMERICA IS LITERALLY HELD HOSTAGE, including Trump. 
If Trump does anything crack down on terrorists/deep state in effort to secure America; MS13 leads effort to take out Trump. Trump IS doing something. A LOT of things. NOW, Deep State using MS 13 to assassinate Trump. This week's incident, where a driver at POTUS press event was found to have a gun in his bag; after #Q alerted Secret Service. This caused Trump to move up the time table on all the stuff to be done-->Phase 2. 13,000 indictments=not just Barack/Hillary/Rice/Comey/Meuller/Et al. TONS of MS13/ISIS terrorists -- all throughout USA=will be rounded up and sent to GitMo. THEN, brainwashed, SJW, sheep can cry, "RACISM!," and discount ALL EVIDENCE as FAKE/CONSPIRACY. THEN, even if you get them to believe/accept the evidence; they will say, "So what!? No big deal. Trump used the word, "shit hole," and urinated on a hooker in Russia.

DEPROGRAMMING THESE SHEEP is the entire role of #QAnon. BUT, #Q leaves it to all of us, to be the army that exposes this and wakes up the sheep. SUMMARY: Do to liberal, political correctness badgering; deep state (led by Obama) allowed MS-13 to flood into USA; Obama armed them; and now they have America and Trump semi-hostage. SHHH! Don't say anything=EVERYONE WHO COMES INTO AMERICA is an "A" student; or scientist making a cure for you/your kids; and are just here to be good parents to their kids, you fucking racist!

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