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@ZumaDogg - World Update 03.02.18: "#QAnon Talk" re: @realDonaldTrump #GreatAwakening #MAGA: Great rant! TOTAL INSIDE UPDATE: 
### WOW!, to this! Thanks #TeamQAnon! A bunch of geniusly-hilarious, meme-makin', machines. Twitter=@QAnonTalk (Someone gimme a boost. Just getting account started. Going viral would be hilarious.) Check homepage. NOTHING like a pissed-off comedian. (Check editor/host's personal homepage.)

NOTE: I'm trained in #NLP (if you've heard of that). This rings of that! This is a real privilge to have access to. More application in your life beyond Red Pill'ing douchebag sheep; but this is how the experts do it.

part 1 of 3
Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow >>32713
People don't need preaching to. That's the problem. Those who know a lot (have a lot of background info) tend to tell it all and overwhelm. Just plant a seed and back away (ask a question that gets them thinking)
Do other things, let them have a chance to process that and work it out in their mind.
Ask a different question about the topic (seed you planted), see how they answer.
You are watering that seed, and it grows both downward (into subconscious) and upwards (towards the conscious).
Go away and do other things.
Plant the seed, come back to it later, but lead them, coax them, gently gently, softly softly.
Some people take a long time to process things - I have family members who are just now "getting" something I said to them years ago, and they forgot I was the one who brought it up
>Hey did you know about X??
I just smile and nod.
It works.
Sequence: Normal, Thoughtful, Non-Offensive, Step-by-Step
Normies will be turned off by certain words and photos. Like "Zionism". Children being hurt. Funny scenes or fun being made of the images.
Truth in the Extreme will be rejected. Even with all the evidence over years about the Clintons; bad behavior, half the electorate was willing to make HER president. Incredible, but true.
The public can accept the possibility of monetary corruption, but not treason, much less child trafficking and murder.
Adrenochrome? You will lose the audience completey and it will be dismissed as conspericy theory nonsense.
Move step by step. First, introduce questions or concerns (like a shill!) about corruption in government.
Second, add republicans and democrats as possible thieves. Then name individuals and ask, don't make claims.
After all that, the next stage is introducing the idea of an interconnected web of corruption that became an international crime syndicate like the mafia, but run by politicians….
Make it understandible by referencing organized crime, not vampire elites bloodlines, aliens, fractional reserve banking or so on.
Keep it normal. Thoughtful. Non-offensive.
Step by step. And fast steps!
Ask, Don't Tell
When you tell something, you can get cognitive dissonance.
When you ask something, you can BYPASS cognitive dissonance.
Q gave us a method to BYPASS COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!!!
→Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance. Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

 4db7ec No.366448
part 2 of 3
More Tactics
focus on things that won't scare off normies. IMHO, here is a list of things to NOT bring up:
1) Aliens
2) "energy" fields
3) Hollow earth
4) Metaphysics
5) Religions pantheons
6) Moloch / Satan / Saturn (I will explain this in a minute)
7) Chemtrails
8) Crop circles
9) Detoxing / Cleansing Pineal Gland
10) Chakras
11) Reptiloids
Normies will take one look at any of those and dismiss you as a nutcase.
What to focus on? What is easy to swallow? You have to oil up that red pill! A small red pill that's actually swallowed is way better than a big one that's spat up. You follow yet?
You don't need a normie to see the entire pictures. They just need to trust and/or prefer our side. That's our mission, right? To help mitigate a world-shaking shadow war, by spoon-feeding info to normies in amounts they can handle?
So here's what I think we should focus memes on:
1) Elites are corrupt, and force newly elevated elites to do perverse things in order to show their loyalty. If they have dirt on their new cronies, they can use that dirt to keep them loyal. The dirt can be sex, fraud, corruption, or any kind of perversion or depravity.
2) Powerful elites have access to the best medical technology, and they think that harvesting blood and other things from children can help extend their lifespans, or improve their health.
3) Elites have everything, and where do people who have everything get their thrills? Some of them delve into taboo and perverse activity. What do they do when they know they have huge power and influence, and think nobody can stop them?
4) The CIA is corrupt and has seriously overstepped its power. The CIA funds itself using criminal activity, such as the drug trade, and sex trafficking – yes, even of children!
So in these examples, you see we don't need to delve into Moloch worship or satanism, and I think the message has a higher chance of reaching more people without being dismissed outright.
We basically need sugar-coated pink pills suitable for mass production and distribution.
We can use persuasion — Words like "Dark", "perverse", "sick", "depraved"; we don't have to say that Hillary eats children and worships a bull-shaped demon creature.
In fact, I would suggest that we can use confirmation bias combined with vague phrasing to good effect.

 4db7ec No.366457
Redpill Tactics
part 3 of 4
Podesta art shock method
The basic pattern I used to redpill my mom found here. Is very simple, and VERY effective.
Essentially, explain the basic Q shit and the existence of a child-sacrifice/abuse/trafficking network, HRC, Pedostas, etc. Then, right as the person starts to get incredulous with disbelief, tell them to google "tony podesta art".
They will literally be left with their jaw on the floor, sick to their stomach, and will believe EVERY WORD YOU TELL THEM from then on about The Storm.
Start small, plant seeds
You aren't redpillng the correct way. You plant seeds and watch them grow…not push them off a cliff.
Just a seed… Tell them still that is backed by evidence… Say like, isnt it weird that…blah and let them mull it over… If you lose influence over someone, you lose credibility.
Start small
You really don't understand it, do you? He needs to only provide crumbs. We need to find the truth ourself, with as little help as possible. Otherwise too few people would believe. This is paramount. People have tried to tell the truth (think of famous celebrities), and guess what happens? We don't believe them, ridicule them, and they most likely get offed or worse.
It is so incredibly important to understand this. And it's important we meme it that way; don't lay it all out for the normal fags, but ask questions. Lead them to the answers, and make them think they came up with it themselves. That's how you redpill.
Ask questions; lead them to discover answers themselves
How to go viral
If you want to meme/redpill successfully there are are a few ways you can go:
1. Humour
Comedy just sticks. Most anon came to the chans for the funny memes. They work best when you hijack something universally known (like bert and ernie) or highly actual/big events (like 911); and start combining shit.
2. Mystery
Question the viewer, sometimes literally, but visually is best. You need to make people think they found out something themselves in the big sea of the internet. It's the best way to plant an idea.
Obviously there are a lot more ways, but it basically comes to this. Subtlety is key. And when one combines all of the above in the correct way, it might go viral.
How she redpilled her sister
Yes! She was the hardest one too! I told her I was gonna red pill her. I told her to look up politicians wearing a med boot and when she figured it out for herself, call me back. She took about 10 mins and said "Ok, you piqued my interest, what else?" so I told her to look up politicians with black eyes and call me back. What I did doing that is REMOVE the built in hate of republicans vs. dems in her mind. Once she saw it is both, she was more open to listen to me. I then told her to look up who Sally Quinn is and her history with her book tour and call me back. I proved the Satanic control over MSM with their own confessions. Told her to look up the arrest results for the child sex (human trafficking) arrests for this year alone and call me back. I told her to find the stats for the last 10 years of child sex arrests and compare them to this 1 single year. Now she no longer makes me make her prove it with her own eyes and just wants me to tell her what all of you have come to a consensus of.
Recipe for redpilling, especially women
1 cup something easy to swallow. I suggest “did you know Hugh Hefner got his start with CIA money?” (Gentle blackmail, make it more movie plot like, and changing culture for the worse)
Or “how are you doing hearing about all of the Hollywood sleezes?”
Again, noting an intentional culture change. Why? Have they noticed? Who is behind it?
1 cup personal “have you had anything like that in your life?”
“Known anyone that had anything like that?”
1 cup proven history: “reminds me of the …” franklin scandel, British scandal, Belgium scandal: whatever you know better.
1 cup “makes sense it’s probably happening here right now:
Have you seen Podestas art?” Who is Podesta, what is spirit cooking, how did Wikileaks reveal it.
Leave them to think for awhile.
Finish the job with q drop when they return to ask questions.
Read Q Spreadsheet
Spouse self red pilled by reading entire Q spreadsheet in 2 days, was able to return to work 
life with a "Let me know if it comes true."

 4db7ec No.366476
Redpill tactics
part 4 of 4
Communication tactics
I thought i would give some insight in what I learned (without outside knowledge/books/teachers) about communication.
From my perspective there is about 90% communication about personal feelings/emotions/information and about 10% of outsideself/knowledge/general Information happening in every type of communication one can engage in. Keep that in mind when talking to people, and see if you can get into their bubble, or if they are "ignorant".
Rules to get to know the fine dealings of Communication:
1. Shut up and let the others talk
–This way you will recongnize repeating patterns, highlighted views, personal opinions. what the Topic is about
–The less you talk the more you will learn to listen EXACTLY to what was said
2. Choose your way how to interact
2a - only listen (to get information)
2b - raise your voice (pass information)
3 Decide the strategy of HOW to communicate
3a - "know your enemy" / "know your opposition"
depending on who your up to, you need different ways of communication (endless)
- emotional
- controversial
- understanding
- helping
- distracting…
Choose your way and see if it resonates (if not, change your "style")
3b Catch people from where they are at
3b - it doesnt help anyone if tell someone who talked about their favourite TV-show that their Idol is an Illuminati slave, try taking it to a level that is understandable by the opposition. (the emotional approach maybe working here; try shifting the topic to general behaivor morals and point out wrongdoing that this individual would agree on)
4 steer the conversation
4 - Now you can decide if you want to lead into another Information part (from personal to outside stuff)
You can do that by either using positive or negative responses (use what resonates), pushing with or against a certain topic.
(Learn to be patient!!! if you dont want to take sides, stay "neutral")
As always, use small steps to create less opposition or big once to create irritation.
Hope this helps someone. Why this is relevant? If you want to redpill someone, you need to understand how! to pass the information.
Breaking Down Hardcore Normies
i want to share an aggressive method i used in some rare cases:
- find out the core belief of your opponent
- find out the weakspot
- use your higher knowledge/wisdom to compromise the weakspot
- use irrefutabe facts
- stick their nose in it (like a cat)
- watch them get angry
- know the seed has been planted
(they will try to disprove you but wont be able to)
<this is the strategy for hardcoded normies. Also works if you wanna redpill fast and are willing to take casualties along the way
A whole thread – worth a look! >>3152

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